About Credencesoft

CredenceSoft was founded in the year 2018, with an aim to utilize the technology, knowledge, and experience gained over the years from a variety of sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Finance, Telco, Payment & Health.

Our Vision

To be a  leading platform for connecting Local Businesses to their Communities and creating wealth and prosperity across the Globe.

Our Mission

To enable Local Businesses to offer and sell their services to their Local Communities by providing access to an effective Digital Booking Platform that effortlessly allows customers to find them and use their services

Our Values

We are a Community focused Organisation that believes in understanding the needs of our Local Community and Businesses to design, build and deliver relevant, cost-effective, and trustworthy Digital Solutions (SaaS) to build these we are customer-centric, avid learners, and quick to take action.

The Journey

Under the Banner of CredenceSoft, the Idea for BookOneLocal. Embarked by observing the situation that the local people were facing during the CoviD19 pandemic in New Zealand. The main focus was to create a simplified platform, for the Local Business and the Community during the pandemic. The flagship Product BookOne was enhanced with additional features launched as BookOneLocal. BookOneLocal is a digital ecosystem to make medium and small-scale businesses sustainable & successful with BookOneLocal’s approach to Discover, Book, Service & Retain.


CredenceSoft Ltd. Auckland, NZ


Tech Team in Dhaka, Bangladesh


CredenceSoft Pvt. Ltd. Bhubaneswar, India


CredenceSoft Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India

It is built for technological solutions that business needs and to solve business owners’ problems and also saves the customers time, since the business owner does not require to wait for the customer to go through all their inventory physically, the customer doesn’t feel rushed or forced to buy anything that they don’t feel is necessary, the customers can sit in the comfort of their homes/offices and order without the hassle of actually visiting the business venue.

The Man Who Started It All

My mission is to bring the latest technology and design solutions readily accessible to most SME Businesses through our SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings. My goal is also to engage in Agile values to build meaningful, timely, and cost-effective solutions for our customers (the end-user).

Samaya Kumar Muduli Founder, CEO

Mr. Samaya Kumar Muduli, the Founder and CEO of CredenceSoft Ltd. is a technocrat and his biggest strength revolves around building products & solutions. He carries an eye for detail, with the other focused on team collaboration and in-time delivery. He has vast experience in System Integration and Digital Transformation as well as being a Subject Matter Expert in Card Payments, Telecom, Utilities, Insurance, and Lending. He is an avid learner and is focused on expanding his domain knowledge both in IT and diversified Industry Segments and intends to explore AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and Blockchain. He is the Product Owner of BookOne. So far, Credencesoft Ltd has over 1200 clients based in New Zealand and 400 plus clients in India. His action plan for 2022 is to expand his business in USA and Australia.

From the directors desk

" We have one life to live the way we want, try new things, come out of our comfort zone and take up challenges. Things will be difficult to begin and get better in time. "
" Every great team requires learners without limitations, good mentors to share knowledge and experience along with problem solvers to bring out the best in every situation but most of all, a leader to hold this entire group of individual achievers together. "