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BookOne Support

Exclusive 24×7 support services to our all clients and partners on-boarded to BookOne platform.

Website Development

We strongly believe when a business needs a website means the business is in growth path. The growth of the business will happen while it reaches the targeted audience. The website should have the features and capability to be interactive, dynamic, personalized and transactional. All our websites are state-of-the-art contemporary technology, responsive design. Our website offerings are the most cost-effective as our Technology Team has vast expertise on web technologies.

Integration Service

CredenceSoft’s Delivery Framework and development resources are implemented into all our Integration solutions. This approach mitigates risk, reduces development costs, efficiently managing new business mandates.

Product Development

CredenceSoft’s trademark product is BookOne and SoftOne. The features of the product are explained in the product sections. As per our ideals, when an idea has a potential benefit to the end-user we would like go through the process of ” Think, Design, Deliver “.


CredenceSoft founded in year 2018, with an aim to utilize the technology, knowledge and experience gained over the years from variety sector such as Banking,Insurance, Finance, Telco, Payment & Health.


We design, develop and implement industry standard cloud based, cost-effective, customized softwares, APIs(Application Programming Interface) services and technology solutions based on contemporary open source technologies and frameworks for our clients.


This helps our clients/customers to have state-of-the-art features without having to pay for unnecessary tools and software licenses.


The team at CredenceSoft is a harmonious blend of fresh minds who are always excited to try on new technologies on UI/UX spaces to provide enhanced user experience,seasoned Solution Architect and Application Developer to build the system on industry edge software standards, Specialized System Analysts and Domain Experts to formulate business requirements to easy-to-use software system and Quality Control Specialists to ensure the deliverables meet the quality standard specified by client/market.The innovation segment is led by the research and innovation specialists having vast experience in academic and AI(Artificial Intelligence)research and innovations.



BookOne is a complete Booking Origination and Management System. Based on specific industry’s need, BookOne’s feature can be customizable.

One of the recent implementation of BookOne is for the Hospitality Industry to capture booking journey of the guest for the Hotel, Motel, Back Packers, Service Apartment, Vacation Rental, Guest Room and Owner Occupied properties. Enrich and Ensure Guest’s booking experience with personalized, interactive real time notifications.

A Property/Hotel Management System having own booking engine plus integration with the hotel booking websites, major OTAs ( Online Travel/Booking Engines ) to manage effectively Rates, Availability, Processing Payments of Virtual, Credit and Debit Cards with PCI Compliant Payment Processors. This also covers Accounting and Expense Management to optimize the operational efficiency.


CredenceSoft's SoftOne LOS supports both on premise and Cloud solutions.

It is a comprehensive loan origination software which controls and automates various business processes/activities performed in processing of a loan application for advanced risk management .

SoftOne supports the entire acquisition lifecycle from customer walk-in to decision by the underwriter for the disbursement.

Additionally, it allows online credit evaluation and automatic credit evaluation of the application and processing till loan initiation. It support lead generation, Lead allocation, tracking, deal capturing ,verification Initiation and underwritten.


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